March Madness


The sky blue

finally blue

in the robin’s egg promise

of sometime-spring.


Bright golden sunshine

won’t melt much

but might just tip

this mother’s winter mood.



Locura de Marzo


El cielo azul

finalmente azul

en la promesa del huevo del petirrojo

de una primavera que viene.


Sol dorado brillante

no se derretirá mucho

pero podría cambiar

el estado de ánimo invernal de esta madre.


~ These poems were translated by Maria Lander Cabrere and Eileen LaFontaine. They were narrated by Maggie Gagliardi and Alejandra Camacho.

Jennifer Hernandez lives in the northwest suburbs where she teaches immigrant youth and writes poetry, flash, and creative non-fiction. She has been published in many print and online journals, but most enjoys readings and public installations, as the interaction between word and audience is where the magic happens.